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New Albums and News

This is to announce the release into the atmosphere of
~Traveling Slowly~Songs of the North/South HighLoWay
Vol.#1 – I969 – 25,809   más ó menos
Cristobal Wells & Many Friends
Ancient & Contemporary Songs from North & South America

The CD can be purchased for $10.00 HERE

A combination of Wells songs & traditional songs of the Western Hemisphere sung with bands, choirs, and at All Species Festivals over the years.
“Some rare, some well-cooked tunes – a  diverse documentary of roughly recorded soulful musical moments – Choral versions of songs from the last century & chants some of which are thousands of years old ~ from the seed-bag of a long time road-runner ~ mixed with a few of Wells  “not-so-easy-listening musics” –  These were not sung as commercial tunes, rather they were drawn out of and sung in the moments where songs are called for.”  —  Frank Friendlies Music Review

Viajando Despacio ~ 19 songs – Traveling Slowly
In 3 campfire rounds sets : Dancing North,  Dancing South  &  Alti Plano = High Planes
  • Some big meaning ancient songs ~ some frivolous party tunes
  • Some for right now that grew up alongside this same North`South HighLoWay from Canada to Patagonia
#2- Plus! – the ReRelease of the way-far-underground early ecosong album [insert link] = 13 songs

~Dancin Town – Wells Song –  a frivolous tune that came while waiting to see Wilson Picket at the Apollo Theater

~People Ain’t Really Goin’ AnyWhere – WellSong – looking out from the eyes of ~Corcovado – Santa Teresa/Brazil – w/ Nelson Denman/Cello

~The Wind Has Shifted WellSong / w Birdladys

~Holdin’ Up the Sky WellSong w/ BirdWomen – Jewelia, Constance & Stellar

~People Get Ready Traditional N. American Gospel – Wells arrangement w/ College of ~Santa Fe Choir & DeWitt Bolden -from live theater of All Species Day 2002

~”The Genetic Corn Circus” – Santa Fe NM

~Lets Go Up To The Forest By Paul Josef / C. Wells w/ Bobby Nakoff violin – “The song that saved 2 forests”  originally from the Australian Rainforest Movement rewrought for

Elk Mountain Controversy of New Mexico – w/ thanks to John Seed

~Canto Por Cantar WellSong in an Andino Rhumba style w/ Cellist Michael Kottiousness – from the midnight hot springs

~”Eye of the Earth”- Volcan-Tunguragua-Equator

~Sumachta Sara – Ancient Andino Quechua Corn Planting Backlands Village Chant –  w/ HillBilly Sufi Choir – from the mountains near Cochabamba, Bolivia

~PARANA – Brazilian Capoiera Song  w/ Ozarks Sufi Choir and stretched arrangment

~Luar Du Sertao – Traditional/Brazil-Medley – Luis Gonzagas y Otros from Sertao Bioregion, from Valucha & Sandra de Castro – w/ Michael Kott

~Yemanja Chant – Cuban-Yoruban Ocean Goddess Song – w/ Lake of the Woods WPA Camp Sufi Choir

~De Ti Aprendi Las Jaivas – Chilean Andino style – What we learned from those who came before

~Why Wild? – WellsSong – History of the West  – Scalding assessment of last 130 years in the “SouthWest”

~On The Road Back In – Channeled by Harold Littlebird  – WellSong with Santa Fe Rattled Choir- Top 10 Healing Song

~As Long as the River Shall Run – WellSong w/ Birdsgirls/ Eric Carlson/bass – for the Great Rio Grande River

~Danza del Bosque – WellSong w/ help from Ali Shariff & Permacultura America Latina – How will we live in the dance of the Forest ?

~We Are The Boat – Please let me know whose song this is? – w/Hillbilly Sufi Choir

~Solstice Hymn – WellSong w/ Birds Liyk Crazy

~Future Earth – Wells Song w/ Ivan Castillo – for Frey Wells & Framtids Jorden – Swedish/Portugese/Glish/Español

Plus the re-release of the before-its-time, still-standing, long clamored-for, well-recorded, eco-sensible folk-rock album from the age of dinosaurs 1987. Buy or listen to Traveling Slowly here
Dance for the Earth –  An anthem of the Bioregional movement
Give What You Can Give – green Gospel
Missing Link  – a shift in evlotionary theory
Los Alamos-
Love for the Earth — prophecys fulfilling
Turtles in The Wintertime  – written with the Children of Little Earth school
Finding Kachinas in Downtown
The Oldest Ones Say – With respect for Martin Prechtel
Run With The Wild
Bird Watchin
Carry It On
For the Record there is also a hidden cache of recorded songs called  “What Kind of Love is This?”  which are well-wrought , wrung-out Love Songs

Besides purchasing the CD on, you can purchase it through paypal, or with a check via postal mail.
PERSONAL CHECKS should be addressed to:

Chris Wells
615 Cortez St,
Santa Fe, NM 87504

(comes w/ Lyric sheets & Bardic History notes of the songs & situations )